Ladyboys from Thailand, the third sex…

Ladyboys are an integral part of the Thai landscape. Here, the  » third sex « , also called katoey in Thai or shemale in English, is not discriminated against openly and is rather well accepted. Consequently, when the night comes they can be found everywhere to satisfy the fantasies of…a very particular kind.

Who are the ladyboys of Thailand?

There are two main types of Thai ladyboys: transvestites – that is, men who have adopted the female gender but still have a penis – and transexuals – who have had surgery and have no penis but an artificial vagina instead. Most Siamese ladyboys are transvestites because of the cost of such a surgery.

In Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui and Chiang Mai, you will meet ladyboys in ordinary beer bars, but there are also special establishments: ladyboys bars. There are so many in the capital, Phuket and Pattaya that you can literally find them right next to each other (those who love these kind of bars will particularly appreciate Nana Plaza).

Many Thai men naturally have rather feminine features, but some ladyboys do their best to look even more ladylike. Many of them have had their breasts enlarged, take hormones and doll themselves up like girls. You may have to look twice to figure out if they’re female or not.

But it’s not hard to spot the difference if you watch them walk and hear their deep (or falsely high pitched) voice. There are also ladyboys who overdo it and get spotted from a mile away.

In any case, many men come to Thailand just to have sex with a ladyboy and to be honest, some of them look much more attractive than some girls. In fact, people say that « in Thailand, the most beautiful girls are men « !

Taking a ladyboy back to your hotel

Some Thai hotels allow tourists to bring ladyboys back to their rooms as long as it happens discreetly. Others charge an extra fee or even forbid it: it’s up to you to check with your hotel to find out their rules.

Like girl bars, Siamese ladyboys can only speak basic English learned on the streets. A conversation with them is rather familiar, funny and perfect while enjoying a beer. For everything else, it’s a matter of taste!

Meeting Thai ladyboys

Bangkok and Pattaya offer the best selection of ladyboys. If your budget doesn’t allow you to go crazy, go for Pattaya. A ladyboy from Bangkok is as expensive as a girl. In the capital, go to Nana Plaza; otherwise, choose Soi 6 and Pattayaland in Pattaya. In Phuket, go to Soi Crocodile (Soi Katoey) or Soi Sea Dragon on the busy Bangla Road.

There are also a lot of freelance ladyboys who prostitute themselves on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok, Beach Road in Pattaya and in other tourist areas. Although they charge low rates and some of them are really sexy, it’s best to avoid them.


Because these independent ladyboys have a bad reputation. Foreign clients who left with some of them actually ended up drugged and stripped of their valuables. Here’s a piece of advice: if you want to meet ladyboys, choose beer bars, their own gogo bars and escort agencies, it’s much safer.

Ladyboys rates and services

In Bangkok, the services of ladyboys cost the same as those of a bar girl in a beer bar. That is about 1000 bahts for a short time and about 2000 bahts for a long time (the whole night). Expect a little less in Pattaya. If you stay in Phuket, be prepared to pay the same prices as in Bangkok while the prices in Chiang Mai are similar to those in Pattaya. The reates in Samui are somewhere in-between. Keep in mind that bringing a ladyboy from a gogo bar back to the hotel is more expensive than in a beer bar.

Also, be aware that there is a « bar rate » to pay, about 300 to 500 baht in a classic bar. The amount is to be paid at the bar before leaving with the ladyboy. You should agree with him on a price for the sexual service before paying the owner and leaving the establishment. For security reasons, make sure your ladyboy shows his ID card to the hotel reception, who will keep a record of the information. A point to remember: in Thailand, the legal age for sex with a man is 18.

A Thai ladyboy is open to all kinds of naughty requests. If you are looking for a specific practice, make sure he agrees before you leave the bar. Ah, do you think you’ll be a little ashamed to talk to him about it like that? Don’t worry, you’re neither the first nor the last to ask for personalized service, and these ladyboys hear these kinds of demands all day long. That’s part of their job!

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