8 mistakes to avoid in seduction

In the following lines, you will discover 8 mistakes that can be disastrous when you try to seduce a girl you like.

After all, dating is like anything else.

There are dos and don’ts.

We’re going to take a look at the top 8 dos and don’ts.

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1. Apologizing too much:

In seduction, if you apologize too much, you’ll appear submissive. The more you apologize, the more you seem afraid of losing the beautiful girl you are flirting with. Fear that she’ll leave, fear that she won’t be attracted to you, etc. Girls want men with a minimum of self-confidence who aren’t there to cling to them.

2. Being too nice:

You can’t attract girls by being too nice. In fact, it will have the opposite effect… If you are too nice with them, you won’t appear to be a challenge.

Remember, the girl you flirt with need to perceive some kind of challenge: if you can won over in the first few minutes of the conversation, it’s dead… (unless you want to seduce an ugly one…).

I’m not saying that you should be mean or never be nice, but there are limits. You have to know how to dose it right: be nice when she deserves it and less nice when she behaves badly.

3. Showing too much interest :

In seduction, if you show too much interest towards your target, and especially if you show too much interest too soon, your target’s interest in you will drop in proportion to your excess interest. Remember this sentence, it sums up the situation beautifully:

« Follow me and I’ll run away from you, run away from me and I’ll follow you ».

When you flirt, it’s exactly the same thing. If you show too much interest, the girl will take you for granted and it won’t be fun for her. Don’t get too close to her, don’t lean in too much to talk to her, etc. Why would she play a game that she is sure to win? It’s less exciting…

The only condition under which you can show a lot of interest early on is to show a lot of disinterest at the same time. If you do that, she will be a little lost and will not know exactly if you are attracted to her or not.

4. Displaying nervous signs :

Be relaxed and comfortable. Don’t make jerky gestures, instead try to move in a smooth, relaxed manner. Don’t turn your head abruptly when you are called, don’t stamp your feet, etc. Have a confident body language.

5. Putting her on a pedestal :

Beautiful girls are tired of being hit on all day by guys who think they’re goddesses. They want men who think of them as normal people and are interested in their personality instead of their looks.

6. Taking her too seriously:

If you take her too seriously, she’ll get pissed off… and that’s perfectly normal. She wants to have fun, she wants to mess around, she wants to be in a good mood. You have to know how to push her to her limits, how to make fun of her without being too mean. If you show that you’re kidding, your jokes will be received well, know how to laugh when you have to.

7. Being too available:

Don’t make yourself too available for a girl you barely know. If you do, don’t let her know. Her interest in you will drop. Why? If you make yourself too available, it means you have a very high level of interest in her, and that makes sense.

8. Making women your sole motivation :

Develop your passions and projects… this will reduce the pressure on you when you’re flirting, you have more important things in your life than to seduce someone.

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