Facts about Good Friends Dating

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There are many things you need to consider when it comes to good friends dating. You must be aware of the risks involved especially the possibility of losing your friendship. Though it is a very difficult decision to make, you wound not want to live your life pretending to be just friends and get hurt every time she is with someone else.

If you are thinking of the risk of good friends dating, remember that you should not rush things. Do not get tempted to tell her about your deep feelings right away instead, take everything slow. Remember that you are good friends and she sees you as a friend and telling her that you are actually in love with her may surprise her in a bad way, which may result to the end of your friendship.

It is better to contemplate about the risk. Though dating your friend may not be as bad as you may think, it is still important to be aware of the risks involved. Are you prepared to lose the kind of friendship you have and face the uncertainty of having a romantic relationship? Shifting from friendship into a more serious relationship is fine but it can also ruin your friendship. This is the reason why it is very important to determine your feelings well and make sure if it is real love or just infatuation.

If you have decided that you want to date your friend, make sure to treat her as a date and not as a friend. Start bringing her to romantic places and do things together that you typically do while on a date. However, do not overdo it and never give her intimate presents because it will only make her feel uncomfortable. The best thing to do is to make her feel really special every time you are together.

As much as possible, do not let her speak about men she dates. You may be comfortable sharing thoughts and each other’s love interests but now is the time to set the limit. If she starts talking about someone she likes, change the subject immediately and show her that you are a bit jealous about it.

Dating Friends – Are You Ready?

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Many people are reflecting of dating friends but the idea alone can be quite distressing. Just the thought of telling your friend about your feelings gives you the fear of losing your meaningful friendship.

Dating friends is actually not something new. It is a well-known fact that most successful relationships start from friendships. However, a lot of people are still having second thoughts when it comes to dating their friends because of the many obstacles involved. For one thing, dating a friend can bring a lot of complications in your friendship. If you find out that your friend does not have the same feelings, it may cause uneasiness between the two of you even with the effort of maintaining the same friendship.

On the other hand, if both of you decided to shift your friendship into a deeper relationship, you have to determine whether you are willing to take the risk of losing the perfect friendship you have and jump into the water of uncertainty.

Once you realize that you are developing a deeper feeling for you friend, it is important to reflect on your situation as well as your friendship. Probably, you have an idea if there is a possibility that your friend has feelings for you too. Evaluate your friendship and analyze those times you share together. If you think that there is a slightest chance that your friendship can be taken into the next level, do not waste time and do whatever it takes to fulfill your heart’s dream.

First of all, do not have high hopes. It is not a good idea to rush into things and tell him about your feelings right away. In addition, do not try to avoid him completely because of the thought that he might realize your worth when you are out of sight. Though this can help, it is better not to make drastic changes when it comes to your friendship. Do the things you usually do together, go to places you always visit. However, make an effort to treat him extra special. Give him longer and more adoring glances and flirt with him. Furthermore, always be with him especially during his trouble times.

All About Good Friends Dating

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Once you realize that you are falling in love with your friend, you are in trouble. Friends are meant to be just friends and the idea of putting your relationship into the next level is too risky. Good friends dating can be good or bad, depending on your situation.

Developing a romantic feeling for a friend is a beautiful thing especially if you share the same thoughts and beliefs. Friendship is definitely a very good foundation for a great relationship but remember that you should not mistaken love from infatuation. It is essential to be certain that it is love you are feeling and you genuinely care about your friend.

The idea of good friends dating is actually a great idea because there is already a strong and secure foundation. The special connection you have through the years as well as your understanding and support for each other can definitely help build a long-lasting relationship. In fact, a lot of people experience developing a deeper feeling for their friends and most of them got through with the situation successfully.

No matter how much you want to take your friendship into a romantic relationship, you must be very cautious and make an effort to maintain your friendship. Remember that the moment your relationship ends, the friendship you shared is also damaged. However, there are rare cases wherein some people are able to overcome this circumstance and still preserve the friendship.

It may be difficult to distinguish when is the best time to end the friendship and start being romantic. Most people identify the difference in showing more affection since any relationship in dating usually leads to intimacy.

Dating friends have some advantages such as skipping the complicated stage of getting to know each other. Furthermore, you are already familiar with each other’s behavior, attitudes, interests and dislikes. These issues can greatly help in building your relationship.

If you are certain that you want to date your friend and have a more romantic relationship with her, it is important to be honest and tell her about it. If you are lucky enough and she feels the same, discuss about it and make sure to continue the friendship no matter happens.

Dating a Friend – What You Must Do

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Many people believe that a platonic relationship between a man and a woman is impossible and it will always lead to a deeper relationship. However, there are individuals who actually have friends in the opposite sex and this gives them the advantage to understand each other’s feelings and thoughts.

Having platonic relationship with the opposite sex are very rare and special. There are a lot of issues that may eventually come between the two involved. This kind of friendship can be very threatening to a potential or existing romantic partner because just the idea of sharing personal feelings and thoughts with the opposite sex can usually cause insecurities and problems.

Many people actually experience developing a deeper level of love for their friends this usually leads to ending the friendship they have. Some individuals tend to hide their true romantic feelings just to save their friendships while others take the risk and are more open to the idea of dating a friend.

If you decide to keep your feelings to yourself and just wait for your friend to feel the same way, it may take you years if not a lifetime to know if she also loves you or not. This reality is quite frustrating, isn’t it? Therefore, it is probably a better idea to gather a lot of courage and tell her about your romantic feelings. However, there is no guarantee that she feels the same and you must be prepared for whatever consequence comes your way.

Dating a friend can be very stressful because you have shared some of the best and the worst times in your lives and it can be quite awkward if you start dating. You have been relaxed with the company of each other that the thought of going out romantically and being more intimate can be a bit uncomfortable.

Do not forget that there is a possibility of a romantic relationship with your friend but you also have to be ready for the worst. It is vital to make sure that what you feel is beyond friendship because once you tell her about your feelings, there is no turning back. If you want to date your friend, it is best to be honest to yourself and make sure not pressure her. It is recommended to do everything slowly and stay as a good friend.